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7 Years
May 24, 2012
Hey all I'm Liz, though you can call me kittens :)

I'm new to chickens and already completely enamored with my little flock! I got my chicks from the local feed store on February 24th, two Americaunas (biggest-Bertha, smallest-Tiny), 1 Buff Wyandotte (Buffy), 1 Silver-laced Wyandotte (Lacey), and 1 Barred Rock (Roxy). They are 13 weeks now, and today I went and picked up a 10 week old Red Sexlink that I noticed on craigslist and fell in love with when I saw her, I've decided to call her Ruby to keep with my theme! Right now they're getting acclimated and I thought it was about time I joined and introduced myself because I've been lurking so long!

I am a recent grad from Washington State University and work at a local nursery that also has a bunch of assorted chickens, two peacocks, three peahens, and occasionally pheasants. At work I also deal a lot with goldfish and koi, while at home I also have two cats (10 months old), and my boyfriend has a middle-aged dog that we think is a beagle/German shepherd mix (cutie!).

I will add some photos of my girls once I download them from my phone, I'm amazed at how much they are growing and I hope everyone will love them as much as I do!
Welcome to BYC!!!

You're gonna love your red sexlink. I have 13 RS hens, had 15 but lost 2 due to an upper resperatory infection. Mine lay HUGE brown eggs. No double yolks, yet, but the eggs are the size that you would think had doubles. The first huge I got from one of them I ran around trying to find one bleeding to death. I just knew that egg had ripped her in half but, everyone was fine. the next day I had 3 more the same Right now I have 36 RS eggs that I will be putting in my incubators tomorrow, all huge eggs. Already had 6 in the incubator that were due to hatch yesterday. 1 of them hatched today, a rooster. I'm hoping the other 5 hatch tomorrow or saturday.

I have 86 birds of all different breeds, sizes and ages. That includes chickens (large breeds and bantams breeds--to include silkies), ducks, turkeys, pheasants, an amazon parrot and 2 mini parakeets.

Good luck with your birds
Hello and welcome to BYC!
Hello and :welcome

Glad to have you on board. Sounds like your life is full of animals!
You should be getting eggs in another couple of months from your chickens. Exciting stuff!

Don't hesitate to ask any quesitons you might have, and enjoy the site. :frow

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