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  1. I got a bantam egg from my bantam mix.. i think she is a nakin mix, she looks just like them except for some white on her... she laid a egg yesterday and i put in the bator. its one of the school projects bator so it can hold atleast 2 more of bantams eggs... i have hatch eggs before from a broody game hen but since she just hatch them out 3 weeks ago i thought it would be cool to see if i could hatch one out...besides turning it twice a day what else should i do?? and any other help/advice will be useful.....plus she was bred to a silver duckwing game roo( he got in her pen and they enjoyed each other company) so what kind of chick will i get??? just wondering
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  2. anyone ???
  3. i know that it takes 18 days to hatch a bantam egg, so do i stop turning on day 15??? I also got a bantam EE egg and and bantam EE/mix egg in there too..
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    I'd like to know too. I just had a broody Australorp hatch several eggs- 2 of which are banties. They are soooo tiny and cute! I have TONS of eggs ready for the incubator. Also- Can you mix bantam and large eggs in the incubator? Hope someone answers!

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    I would like to know this also. I have 8 regular and 1 bantam in the same bator. I didn't realize until now that the bantam hatch earlier! Ugh! I candled it and I can see a foot, but it's not moving at all and I can't see any blood vessels anymore. I have the sinking feeling that it died [​IMG]
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    Still hoping someone will answer! I went ahead and mixed banty & regular eggs in the incubator.
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    You can put them both in the incubator and hatcher at the same time. I have done it the last 3 times incubating. They are incubated the same as other chickens they are just smaller eggs. I stop turning on day 18 and they hatched on days 20-21. I too thought I had some that had died because I couldn't see them move and they hatched the next day.
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    Quote:Ditto to the above [​IMG]
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    Quote:Ditto to the above [​IMG]

    Double Ditto

    Treat bantams just like standards.... Stop turning at day 18, then chickies are soon to follow. [​IMG]

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