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Aug 3, 2020
I got my first incubator yesterday and got 15 muscovy duck eggs to go in there today. The problem is the woman didn't know the exact day count since they were under momma. She told me they should hatch within a week or so. Since we don't know exactly when they will hatch, when should I stop the auto turner?


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Sep 29, 2014
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If they are that far into incubation then you could actually not turn them. Turning is vitally important initially but towards the end of incubation it is less important, and in your situation it would be better to not turn them. Ducklings could get confused if the egg keeps turning past when they position themselves for hatch, causing them to pip at the wrong end of the egg. Or you could turn for 3-4 days then leave them be.

But I would candle them every couple of days so that you can judge when to increase the humidity. Try and keep the egg in the same position it is sitting in in the incubator when you do.

Muscovy do create shadows in the air cell for a couple of days before they actually pip internally so you'll start to see that. This thread is in the Goose forum but it has excellent information that applies to any incubated egg. It explains about shadowing and has excellent pictures to illustrate it:

Good luck with the hatch. :thumbsup

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