First timer, Teddi's chicken coop & run

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    run is a detachable tractor with a round board for the gate that slides inbetween two bars, and fits right up to the coop.

    Now I just need to cut a hole in the floor and make a ladder so there is a way to get from top to bottom. I'll wait till they're a bit older...

    My chicks:

    I got so many great ideas from this site!
    The roof is an old glass shower door (opaque) which I'll cover with a rug in the summer.

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    cute babies & nice coop = happy chickens and lots of eggs!
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    Oct 31, 2007
    looks great, nice chicks
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    Great use of materials. Very creative![​IMG]
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  6. After my husband spent $100 on lumber and supplies for the coop part, I wanted to use what we had for the tractor. I used the rubbermaid shelving grates from a closet organizer we didn't like, an old portable metal closet frame, and some wood from a twin bed box spring mattress. I did spend more money putting wheels on the bottom of the chicken coop and using a stackable recycle bin for the nesting box. And of course, hardware cloth and chicken wire and the cable ties, an electric stapler and staples.

    All in all, I've probably spent $200 on the coop and run!
    These better be some darn good eggs when they start laying!

  7. Testing, testing.......


    AHA! It worked!
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    I like it !!!

    Julie [​IMG]

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