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    Feb 28, 2012
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    I'm a new comer to hatching eggs. I'll be renting equipment from a local farm.
    I'm a bit nervous about the hatching process.

    From your experience, how often does a chick need assistance with hatching? I know your not supposed to help the chick out, but if necessary.... I know all hatches are different, but from experience how often did you need to help?

    I am thinking about using an aquarium(glass) or a plastic box for brooding. will a heating pad do for heat? I was talking to the guy at the farm who does this thing all the time and he suggested a lamp or a heat rock (which I don't see fit), or a heating pad. I'm thinking about the heating pad more then the light. I can put it at one end. (Which end do you usually put the food and water? at the end w/o the heat?)

    I want to make sure I have everything perfect or at least close to perfect as possible.
    If anybody has any advice they can give a new timer, it would be appreciated. I know a lot about the hatching and stuff. I am doing a lot of research and video watching on youtube. :)...

    Also I have read that people have seen piping at day 23. How long should I leave the incubator on after hatching and removing chicks (if any?)
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    THe source of heat usually goes at one end and the food/water at the other , just as you mentioned. The area with the heat should be at 95 degrees. Not sure that a heating pad will work as I have not used a heating pad. I use a white bulb with a sheld and hang it as needed to start at 95 and reduce temp by about 5 degrees every 7 days by raising the light higher. I keep TWO ties on the light to prevent fire.

    I've hatched a few times, and yes a chick might need help. You can decide to help or not help, it is your choice. I was really scared the first time I wanted to help. I read here on BYC how to assist opening the egg. It worked, and I have helped many chicks with a good success rate.

    Have you read the stickies and the other informational sections on BYC? Loads of hatching info .
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