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6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
So I'm new to the chicken game and getting ready to make a coop, get chicks, and hopefully have some fresh eggs for the first time. When is the best time of year to get started? Obviously I can start on the coop now but when is the best time to introduce birds to the coop? Is the upcoming Winter a concern or should I just wait until Spring?
Hi! Welcome to BYC :) I got my chickens, just a few days old, in mid-April. Personally if I were to get chicks again I'd get them in March. Your chickens won't lay until (normally based on breed) 20-24wks, so right now I have 5 out of 6 chickens laying and it's looking like there is a good chance my last chicken won't start laying unless I give them extra light. Chickens need 12-14hrs of day light in order to lay, so with my decreasing day light I'm at the point where I have to decide if I'm going to let them stop laying over the colder months or not
Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! You can raise chicks any time you want, but you fill find it easier to get them in Spring.
:( I kinda figured I should wait. Oh well, gives me time to work on the coop and run and get everything setup right. It's going to be a long Winter waiting:)

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