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    Jul 28, 2010
    I climbed up on the wall just now to look at my broody (Roxy) and found one of her eggs half way before i got to her i think it way have rolled out as she got out to get something to eat. well the egg was cold but i put it back under her just incase, and i found one little bubba chick under there [​IMG]

    Roxy has sitting there in the pouring rain today but she done it [​IMG] the sun is now out and Roxy is a happy mumma, just to wait to see if the other 9(maybe 10) hatch [​IMG]

    Well done Roxy, you dont it!! [​IMG]

    Pics to come soon when they are all hatched and fluffed up as i will move them to Ronnie old brooder as her chicks are old anough now to just sleep in the open store room where they like. Its like a little family with two sister having there babys and now the chicks have cousins to play with [​IMG] will be fun to watch when the new ones are older........... SO HAPPY [​IMG]

    dont chicks just make you happy for the rest of the day/week [​IMG]

    I think i will name this llittle chickie sunshine as it come out just as i looked under Roxy to see it!!
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    [​IMG] congrats on the baby chicks [​IMG]

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