First Try - 18 of 21 hatched


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10 Years
Jan 26, 2009
I'm feeling pretty good about this... I built an incubator based on threads here (old plastic cooler, light bulb, water heater thermostat, pc fan). I bought 21 eggs locally, and, as of this morning, 18 successful hatches!

One of the three that didn't hatch I accidentally cracked while turning the eggs around day 10. I patched it up with candle wax, but it appears it didn't continue developing. Another one, the chick died after pipping... appears to have gotten stuck in the partially opened shell. I had thought about trying to help that one out last night and resisted the urge... oh well. The third unhatched egg - no idea. Today marked the end of day 21, so I'm going to leave the wax-patched egg and the other egg for another day to make sure they aren't just slow pokes.

Much better success than I was planning for. I figured I'd be doing ok to get 12 and now have 18 (85%).

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