First try at the cone method - fail! Size does matter.


12 Years
Apr 10, 2007
Berryton, KS
A friend gave us 3 14 week old cornish chickens to try our hand at processing them. We are first and foremost, the owners of pet chickens, so this has been a bit of a struggle preparing for. We tried the cone method once for a sick hen and found it a better method than taking her to the vet, so how hard could it be for meat chickens?
We researched on making a cone b/c our milk jug cone we used on the leghorn probably wouldn't work for the larger cornish birds. Everything was set up, water at right temp, cone made, knife sharp, table sterilized etc. Got the first hen out...put her in the was too small. It's long enough, but not wide enough. She kept her head up and we couldn't reach it to pull it down. She was just too big. Did a little more research, metal piece for cone should have been 38 " long to start with and the directions we used was a 30" long piece.
Ug, this is really hard! I'm just a city girl! LOL Hubby will put another one together and we'll try again. Dry run I guess.

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