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    I have 3 dark cornish hens, 4 Rhode Island Red hens(1 rooster)and 12 buff Orpington hens. The dark cornish are around 6 months old and just started to lay Thursday. I have gotten 11 eggs already since then. I just got the buffs Thursday night and they are about a year and a half old so should be laying. My question is I have been finding eggs in a few different nests. Color seems the same but size two different size eggs. Is it possible for one chicken to lay different size eggs? Also at first they were all in the same nest but now I find them in two spots. I'm new to chickens so any ideas or suggestions on how to tell which hens are laying would be great thanks
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    Sometimes egg size varies with one hen and they might switch up which nest they use day to day.

    Unless the breeds are very different, so that egg color is very different, it can be impossible to tell what hen is laying what egg unless you watch and observe it or use trap nests.

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