First year and winter start layers

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by sawilliams, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. sawilliams

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    Nov 12, 2015
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    So just a question I have 1 hen and 5 pullets 3 total are laying. As expected the hen had dropped her egg production from 4-5 with one day off to 1 every other day. I have a second that had been laying for about 6 weeks and lays 6-7 consistently. A third just started her second week but only lays every other day or so. One more I'm waiting on and the other 2 are about 14 weeks or so.

    What I'm wondering is they have no extra light and sun is about 10 hours a day give or take. I expect the first to increase production once the sun comes back but I'm wondering about the third. Being she just started at the shortest piont of winter will she increase with the sun or will she likely stay a low production hen?
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    This time of year any beginning layers will start about a month later and won't lay consistently but they will lay, expect them to halt when the weather turns colder, most will begin to pick up speed by February or March, so don't judge anyone just yet.
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    Production will be at it's peak for all birds in the summer.
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    Only time will tell.
    What breeds are the birds, that sometimes can make a difference...tho each bird is an individual.
  5. sawilliams

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    They are all mixed breed. The 4th one is part or mostly black australorp which from what I gather are late layers. And the first is road island or production red. I can't expect the second to lay very much more then she already is. I mean 7-8 in a row with a 1 day break and she's been doing that since her 3rd week. But the 3rd I'm hoping she's just slow becuase she just started in the shortest of winter. But she's laying as little (or as much) as the first, the red, who had cut back for winter.

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