Fish oil and ducks????

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by briarpatchfarms, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I was wondering when conditioning for a show you feed supplements that are high in fish meal and kelp. Would it hurt to use fish oil on top of this to increase the conditioning affect of these supplements or can if hurt them. Ive heard of people giving it to dogs and cats but not ducks!!!! Ive googled this and nothing comes up!
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    I'll give my semi-educated opinion to you and take it for what it's worth.

    Supplementation in diets of animals is very beneficial should there be something lacking from the primary food source. These products will certainly help to improve physical health and stamina if the body is lacking.

    You are asking about whether or not it would improve the look (I'm assuming feather condition) of the bird. Feather production is one of those processes that you get to help along with supplements only when the duck is molting. If the bird is being fed a high-quality diet along with supplements that will improve feather condition, then yes, you may see a "better looking" feather structure. The only living part of a feather is that which is below the surface (skin) of the duck. Once the feather emerges and becomes complete the feather is essentially "dead" and will not improve in quality. That is why you see "blood feathers" on a bird. The feather is growing and making itself while it is being fed by the blood supply. When the blood stops flowing, so to speak, the feather is complete and cannot be improved.

    Feathers are replaced slowly during non-moulting times so you would not see a marked improvement in the feathers until the majority of them have been replaced with a hard moult. Granted there will be some feather replacement during non-moulting times, but not enough to make a marked improvement.

    You also have to watch as to what supplements are being given as not all are beneficial to all animals. The fact that this is an oil, will also lend itself to producing weight gain which you may or may not want.

    High-quality looking birds are a result of ongoing superior nutrition and not supplements given at limited times.

    Hope this helps and I'm sure others will have something to add.

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