Fishing Hook!

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Out Yonder

8 Years
May 28, 2011
Hi, I am new to the forum. I have 6 chickens, all about 16 weeks old. The runt is Henrietta and I found she swallowed a small fishing hook that had a small rubber worm on it! (Kids came home from fishing and mistakenly left it on the deck!
....I was able to cut the line but could not see the hook so I assume she swallowed it. I called numerous vets but no one would see my chicken. One of them even laughed at me for wanting to bring her in! She is acting and eating and drinking normal. What should I do??? I am looking for a wildlife rehab place for possible help or instruction but being the holiday weekend NOBODY is around. Has anybody had this happen before with your chickens? My kids swear it was a small, single hook. I am worried about it damaging her stomach and intestines and killing her....HELP!
I can't believe a vet refused to see your bird. I would find a vet and get the bird x rayed ASAP. If the hook is still in the crop, it may be easy to remove. If it is in the gizzard, that is a different story. Still, chicken gizzards are tough (ever eaten one?) and she may still make it. DEMAND a referral to an avian vet or at least one who will see you. That is inexcusable!
I'm sorry to hear about your chicken. Since I can't post any links on here. Visit the official website of The Association of Avian Veterinarians and find a local member vet from their website. I've had to deal with the same problem with regular vets if you can call them that but AAV has always been the very best.


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