FL~6+ FrIZzLe eggs 4 Sale - $9+s/h ship to S. & S.W.

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    I will have 6+ Mr. Frizz X Ms. BB (Black breasted red hen) hatching eggs that NEED to ship by Monday (tues at the latest)

    Hearty with legs that are NOT too feathered, but nice. Adorable cross and so far 100% hatch rate! She lays like CRAZY and if you want them for eating/selling eggs later, they are nice medium size eggs.
    Mom is the sweetest bird we've ever owned. She has 2 sisters that my DBIL and SIL have and they are their sweetest birds, as well.

    This is 2nd from left

    Mom (dad in back)

    [​IMG](mom in front)

    Here are my first 2 at 3 days old. Their wings flip forward, now. They are adorable and sweet!

    PM me if interested (or email through byc)


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  2. 4kidZ

    4kidZ Fluffy Butt Farmer

    lowered price to $9. Let me know if you need more pics.

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