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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Country Parson, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Country Parson

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    Oct 1, 2010
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    Today I posted the following on craiglist, and it was flagged & removed. Perhaps someone finds eating turkeys offensive? [​IMG]
    I reposted, we'll see what happens! LOL

    Craigslist ad: "I'm looking for grown or juvenile heritage turkeys. Red Bourbon or Nagarset would be ideal, but open to other breeds. We need at least one male & one female (preferably two females). We don't go to fairs & show birds or anything, but instead are simply looking to hatch out poults for meat & backyard enjoyment."
  2. You can contact craigslist and ask them why they flagged your add, I have found once you question the removal of your add they don't get removed. Also look to see who posted an add like yours, that's very common on CL for them to flag your adds to get rid of the other sellers. We had adds get flagged last year for turkey poults and I complained to CL and flagged every other poult add. One or the other worked and it stopped. [​IMG] In your case it may have been the eating part, take that off and try again

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  3. ColbyNTX

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    I think the "preferable two females" part got it flagged! They have just removed the adult type listing and I bet people are trying to sneak stuff in other sections. It is a computer doing the flagging. I posted an add for a chicken killer Bloodhound and it was flagged. You have to watch your words there. Blood and killer in the same post get flagged!

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