Flagstones or brick for run?


10 Years
Jul 25, 2011
Green Twp, NJ
Hi, my run is flooding. It's on a slight slope and the rainwater is collecting-puddles/mud everywhere. We tarped and will be getting a new roof soon, but the slight grade remains.

Would a flagstone or brick "patio" be too harsh on chicken feet?
Wouldn't be too harsh, but chickens sure love to take dust baths and wouldn't be able to if everything were solid surface. A slight grade is good for drainage. If you're going to put a roof over the run, I'd leave it dirt. But, I don't know what your place looks like...
What about compost like leaves or something for them to scratch in? Compost is very absorbent, attracts bugs which the chickens will devour, and give them something to do all day. It doesn't stink either.
Better yet put in Sand. Leave the grade build up the sides a little to hold it in. water will flow through and under and out. It stays reasonably clean too. Six inches deep and your girls will have a place to dust bathe little rocks to eat for grit. Washed sand has different sized particles works great and isnt dusty. Some people use it even inside the coop too. instead of shavings or straw. a little rake and a scoop and smoothe it all back out and Viola....

Even if you decide on flagstone (my personal choice out of the two above) I would definately give them a patch where they can scratch and dust bathe. Heck you can try the sand first and if you dont like it it will make a good base for the flag stone.... cant hurt.

just some thoughts
The run is only when nobody is home, otherwise they are either in a large penned area with trees and bushes or in the yard, which is covered in weeds LOL. Unfortunate planning put the coops and run at the bottom of a slight incline, draining the rain away from a rocky outcropping and the house. Funny, we never noticed this until the first coop/kennel was in.

Maybe I'll just do the top half in brick, and leave the bottom dirt/compost...hmmm
Sorry perchiegirl, i type slow and didn't see your post until i posted...thanks for another option. I'll have to post pics-just not tonite, we just finished an expansion on the chin link run, so pics are in the car and it's pouring rain...
Depends on how much room they have. If there is a lot of room you could put a path - either flagstone or brick, to match your decor, in the places they travel a lot (in front of their pop door, where they go in/out), and leave the rest dirt. Could add some sand to the dirt to keep the muck down. Definitely don't pave everything. Also, check out the post about a peat moss dust bath...sounds interesting.
Hay or straw. Won't wash and they love playing and scratching in it. Cheap too

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