Flaming Red Skin on Roos

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  1. the Old Rebel

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    May 12, 2007
    Hendersonville NC
    Help! I have four pet roosters. I just noticed yesterday that all four have a type of lice or mites (I get them mixed up, but I THINK these are lice) around their vents. The "bugs" are making colonies on the bases of my roos feathers. I sprayed them with Scalex lice and mite spray. It has pyrethrins, not the bad stuff (Benzo-something). And I pulled out all of the feathers that had colonies on them. My roos are moulting anyway, so I thought this would get rid of the colonies and they would get new feathers anyway.

    What bothers me the most, though, is that their skin all around their vents and on their stomachs and even going up under their wings is flaming red. It was red BEFORE I sprayed them.... kinda like how their legs get when they have scaley leg mites. Will scaley leg mites move up around the vent, etc??

    I coated the red skin with vaseline on two of them and with Vitamin E oil on two of them to see if either of those things would help.

    Does anyone have any idea what I might be dealing with and what I need to do about it?

    My roos stay in modified rabbit cages (on wire off the ground) at night. Each has his own small pen on the ground (with both grass and dirt for dirt bathing) during the day. They all eat well and otherwise appear VERY healthy. The skin does not seem to be tender to the touch. It is just VERY, VERY red. The skin on top of their backs, on their breasts, etc is white.

    I am VERY concerned for them. THANKS in advance for any help you can give me.

    Hope you all have a GREAT day!!
  2. GloriaH

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    Mar 18, 2007
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    I think it's normal for it to turn red under thoose circumstances. Has the vaseline or Vitamin e helped. I think it will go away when you get rid of the "bugs"

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