flap above vent raw and bloody...HELP

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    May 2, 2016
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    Hi everyone,
    I am hoping some one can give me some answers or ease my mind.
    Tonight I saw my 2 year old EE had a bloody butt. She was acting perfectly fine. After cleaning her up it looks like the flap ( for lack of a better description) is tattered and raw looking. there looks as if there might me some raw areas below the vent also. None of the blood looks like it is coming from the vent itself.
    I've cleaned her up with Vetericyn and Pick no More. Then put her in her own dark space on a clean towel. She is still spotting and being new at this not sure when there is an issue of bleeding to death.
    So with that, 2 Questions....
    What could have caused this?
    Is it easy for a chicken to bleed to death.
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    Can you post some photos?

    Usually they will clot fairly quickly. If she is still bleeding, apply a little pressure to the wound. Vetericyn is very good for wounds.

    It sounds like she may have been plucked/picked on, this can sometimes be a bit brutal. You don't see any intestines/oviduct hanging out of the vent opening?

    It sounds like you have prepared a comfy spot for her. Keep her hydrated (add some poultry vitamins if you have them). See if she will eat some food ( give her a little protein like egg).

    Chickens heal fairly well, barring infection. Look for symptoms like lethargy, pus in the wound or odors.

    Keep us posted.

    SAINTSCHICKS Out Of The Brooder

    May 2, 2016
    Central Florida
    Thank you so much for responding.
    She doesn't have anything coming out of the vent and I did see her poo ( of course while i was trying to clean her up). The raw is the top portion of the vent but the bleeding has stopped. She is eating (omega egg maker, sea kelp and meal worms) and drinking (with vitamins and electrolytes in). I have covered her cage completely so it will stay dark, I cant even imagine her laying an egg like this!

    Does this sound like a "thing" or do you think one of her sisters beat her up? Strange, one of my orphingtons has a completely naked butt and nobody bothers her. She had a squatting issue and no matter how often I cleaned her up...she always had a poo butt. Even trimmed feathers. Eventually she just lost them, even after molt they didn't grow back.

    We did just build a new coop with a ladder type roosting area. I wonder if her butt was in someones 'zone' so to speak. This just looks so awful! Any thoughts on what i should do more or prevent it?

    so sorry...i cant seem to get a picture up.

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