Flat panel heater question


13 Years
May 6, 2011
I bought a flat panel ceramic heater from shop the coop for those nights when it's in the teens or below. (don't want to debate the heat vs no heat please)

My question is about installation. My husband hung it right behind the roost, which is about 6-8 inches from the heater. Anyone familiar with these heaters? Is this going to be too hot for so close to them? It says there's no burn risk, but will it be too hot for them to snuggle right up to?
make sure its far enough away that they can move further away if its to hot... I have an oil filled electric heater and they can move closer to it if they are cold or farther away if they are to hot

I dont know the wattage of your heater but 8" may be a little to close but the hens will tell you... after its lights out go and peek in the coop if they are at the furthest point away from it then you know its to hot
Thanks, I just went out there and agree that it's too hot that close. I turned it off and they'll have to go without tonight
. This is our first night in the teens and I'm worried about them, but I know lots of folks keep them in colder climates.

Going to move the heater tomorrow to a different wall.

Thanks for the help!
How big is your coop? If it isn't gigantic I would think having it on a non-roost wall would still warm the coop up enough to make it comfortable for them. Personally, if I was putting a heat source in the coop, I'd put it nearer to the nests to keep eggs from freezing during the day.

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