flea and tick prevnetative help.


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ok folks, we have a tick problem here in CT.

my blak dsh had advantage put on last month when she was spayed, she was indoors for 2 weeks after that and then i had to start letting her out again (belive you me, i can handle complaining but she takes it beyond complaining, heck she makes siamese look quiet!)

anywho, since then i have removed ticks off her EVERY day, never a flea on her, but live ticks and lots of them! today i pulled 8 off her. if they were attatched and dead ok, but these are feeding ticks *shudder* they bite and live...

we used to use frontline plus as its the "popular brand" sold by vets around her, its the one everyone suggests/pushes... and it was fine on our cocker for the first 2 years, then he started picking up fleas and ticks again, i did some reserch and found out that fleas and ticks both develop immunities to insecticides and if one brand isnt working for your area try others...

so at the time i ddnt have a cat of my own and my parents cat doesnt snuggle with the dogs, so we whent with k9 advantix, been using that now for about 5 years and LOVE it, we get mabe 2-3 ticks a year and there always dead when we pull them...and *touch wood* never had a flea...but last year that started to wane too...my puff crestie kept picking up the odd few fleas here and there...
plus k9 advantix can be deadly to cats and my cat does snuggle with the dogs...

so this year were looking for a change, i was going to go advantage, but since tempi had it on after her spay im NOT impressed even in the slightest, like i said, today alone i pulled live ticks off her, 8 so far and ill bet theres more by bedtime...
if its that ineffective on the cat, and the active ingredient is the same in the dog stuff, then im not interested in wasting the money.

so what does that leave me with?

i refuse to use the hertz flea products (seen way too many horror cases with the hearts drops) so i was thinking of trying the bio-spot defence, especially since fosters and smith has a sale on it right now. its a different insecticide completly compared to advantix, frontline plus and advantage...

was wondering if anyone else had used it and had good results?
its quite frustrating, especially since we have gone to extreems to keep the deer out of the garden because lymes is very prevalent here in ct and im already sensitive to insect bites, but still were for some reason crawling in tick nymphs this year. guinnies are out of the question and freeraging the chickens doesnt seem to help much (there more interested in tearing through the flower beds...)
when i get my own place in tn i will be keeping guinnies but untill then...


i need something thats good for fleas, ticks and preferably contains a skeeter repelant too, west nile is also very common around here.

they are all on ivermectin for heartworm control though.


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Mar 30, 2011
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I used to love frontline but I swear it must have been reformulated because it went from working GREAT to not working at all very suddenly. Now i use Comfortis which is a chewable tablet you get from the vet. It's not cheap....$17 per dose but the single dose lasts for around 6 weeks. My pit bull is 70 pounds so I get the pill for 60-120 pound dogs and divide it VERY carefully using a gram scale I bought on Ebay for $15.00. That way I can dose my put bull the exact right dosage for her weight, plus have plenty left over for my two small dogs and my daughter's dog. I have used this product for well over a year and it's fantastic. For ticks I use a preventic collar, also from the vet. I think I pay $22 for it but it lasts all summer. I don't worry about tick products on the little dogs since they are inside most of the time.


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Having very good luck with Advantage Multi....here in Florida where the bugs NEVER DIE.....On 20 acres with 13 cats and 4 dogs (assorted horses, cattle and goats) we do not have a flea/tick problem anymore (yes the occasional creature will pop up but not like before we got it under control). We also rotate all of our flea control...we have to change monthly though, but so far the advantage multi is working great on the cats...and it kills ear mites as well!!! Good luck!!!

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