Fleas in my yard... GOING CRAZY!

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Oct 20, 2010
Central FL
I am pulling my hair out here! Darn fleas are making my inside animals crazy - I bathe them all the time and use flea control but they are resistant and just awful. I put Sevin dust inside my vacuum (bagless) to kill any fleas I vacuum up and I vacuum all the time. I have hard floors, very few little rugs, and I wash my sheets and bedspread at least once a week. The problem is my YARD - they are out there, plotting. I have 6 inside-only cats and 2 dogs. The dogs bring the evil monsters inside.

I need to get rid of them in my yard. I want to spray the begeebes out of it - but what can I spray that won't hurt my free-range chickens? I can coop them up for a few days while it dries for sure. But I am worried because they eat the grass, the weeds, the bugs... will it hurt them?

I appreciate your advice!
Ugh. Ive been there, done that, both in OK and in OH. In OK, the only way we found to kill the fleas outside was to spray. I don't think any of the sprays sold to the average consumer are tested for safety to birds. I'd imagine that many of them aren't safe to eat, but have to admit that I'm unsure. In OH, with hardwood floors, we couldn't control them and had to have someone treat for us. We had tried all of the remedies we could....herbs, oils, powders, cleaning stategies. Fleas are amazing little buggers.

I wish you good luck in this. I'm itchy just thinking about it.
First I use DE like it really is going out of style. There are also sprays for the yard that once dry should be safe. The more you vacuum you may be 'waking up' dormant flea eggs also. I emptied mine every single time I vacuumed and I did it several times a day for weeks. Thankfully all our dogs were outside dogs but that was not the case with the previous owner. It took close to 6 weeks before I felt I really had it beat. inside you might consider a long term spray. I know I found 1 that last for like 6 months. Everything got sprayed and we went on a weekend vacation. It really is a pain to get rid of them. Good luck
I have read that lime will kill fleas.I don't no for a fact,but some one awhile back said that to get rid of fleas in a yard to put lime down.It is something that is good for the yard,won't harm the chickens and is fairly inexpensive.Just a thought.Good Luck.
How would one apply sevin and borax to an entire yard? Or lime for that matter?

I live on half an acre for reference.
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