some people use food grade DE (diatomaceous earth) to dust their birds.
DE will dry fleas out and kill them.
Always have a dust bathing area available. I use clean wood ash (lye) with DE mixed in.

Remove all of their bedding and place it in a plastic trash bag.
Dust the entire coop top to bottom. Wear a mask when using DE.
Replace bedding and sprinkle some more DE on top of it.

You may have to repeat the procedure again in a week or so.
Good luck!

p.s. sprinkle the dust around the run as well.
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Thank you, I will give that a try. There are plenty of spaces in the backyard where they roam to dust bathe. The trouble is the fleas are in the dirt area where they dust bathe as well. Won't they get more fleas doing this?
Should that be the "food grade DE"? Also where do you get your wood ash from?
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