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    May 9, 2011
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    We are engaged in battle with fleas this year. Both dogs have had them, even after treating with Frontline and then another type of chemical spot on. We think we found one that works now (fingers crossed). We treated the house and the yard. I know there is a flea nest by the tree near the chicken coop because they will jump on my feet and legs (ew!) over there.

    When I treated the yard, I did not treat near the chicken coop. Apparently I need to. What is safe to use near chickens besides DE? DE does nothing against fleas in my experience. I have checked the chickens and they are flea-free.

    - Itchy
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    Aug 4, 2013
    I went to trifexis because frontline stopped working. Salt carpets to rid the house, leave it on for a day then vacuum it up. You might want to try to spray Castro oil for the tree, good luck
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    Go to Roberts at Brighton, and buy a kilo of orchardists sulphur, sprinkle it around the yard and in the nest boxes. Wash your dogs with Martha Gardeners wool wash, the eucalyptus sends ticks and fleas packing.

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