Flecks in the eggs


9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
My newest layer has flecks in her eggs. when I crack the egg, there are flecks of dirt? (i know it's not dirt, but I don't know what it is). Are these eggs safe to eat? I usually throw them away.

Any insight would be apprecated!
I have the same question... Almost every egg that I crack has flecks or a dark/red brown dot and I want to know if they are safe to eat..my chickens have only been laying for 2-3 weeks. Will it go away? I just want to eat my home grown eggs
They are perfectly safe to eat. Some breeds/birds are more prone to having blood or meat spots show up in their eggs. It's nothing to worry about, just aesthetically unpleasing. Big egg production places will candle their eggs and remove eggs with visible defects like those. The eggs with defects are then sold to companies that use them in processed foods like cake mixes.

So enjoy those eggs.
Will they always have those spots or the longer they lay will they go away? Thank you for your reply! I appreciate it and will enjoy eating my defective eggs
Some people say that they may be caused by stress. We have always eaten them (no difference in taste). If they're larger in size, we would just pick them out as we're cooking them.

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