Fleming Outdoors Legit??

Is Fleming Outdoors legit?

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7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
Warwick NY 10990
I hope this is the right place for this.
I made an online order from Fleming Outdoors on 9-10. At that time it said ship date 9-13. I checked on the weekend to get the tracking number and it’s said pending so I sent an inquiry on their website asking for an update. No response. I checked again the weekend and still pending and sent another inquiry marked second request. I expected to get a response 1st thing. Still no answer. Are they a legit company? Should I contact PayPal and cancel the payment. I ordered from them because they are listed here.
I haven't ever order anything from Fleming, but I'd be interested in what happens with
your order. Good Luck!
Wow! I have ordered from the Randall Burkey Company with no issues, if this helps you.
I've dealt with QC supply several times in the past and have been very pleased. I ordered my pads from Meyer Hatchery. They were a little bigger than the QC Supply ones.
I have ordered from Fleming before with no problem, But one never knows what may have happened to them since then. Thanks for the info.
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