Fleshy bit from its stomach


9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
So after what seemed like the longest wait in my life my egg (OEGB x cochin bantam) has hatched. It works out as half way through day22. However i have noticed that it has a red fleshy bit sticking out of it's stomach. It is about 0.3cm long. Will the chick be ok? It is lively and doesn't seem down.

Any help would be much appreciated.
I tried to take a picture but my camera just shows it as a dark mass in it's feathers. SO it's not really helpful, sorry. It is starting to turn black though. So i take it the blood supply is starting to cut off. I am hoping it is just going to shrivel up as its really dry now.


Small mass 0.3cm protruding from navel. Was wet and red at hatching. But is now turning black and has dried up.

Hoping this helps somebody diagnose.

Sorry again for the lack of pictures. Really need to invest in a decent camera.
I suspect it's where the chick was attached to the egg it should dry out and leave a bit of a scab which drops off in a week or so. It's absolutely normal I have a few that hatch like that and they are all usually fine
I'm glad to hear it is normal
. I'm growing rather fond of my chicken even though it has a phenomenal set of lungs on it. Every time i talk it talks back.
Think he is a narcoleptic though. Every 5 mins he just KO's and has a nap. Lol.
mrslb333 it has never shown any signs of weakness or suffering i just saw it when it hatched an was like, oh dear. But it's even stronger today and has been running around all over the house attempting to eat everything in sight.
A "rough" navel isn't ideal, but most birds that hatch with that are just fine. When it starts to dry out and shrink as happened with the OP, it has been my experience that those birds will be just fine, and in a few days you will never know there was a problem.

Usually, the worst case scenario is when the unhealed navel is very large and protruding and develops an infection. This doesn't seem to be a problem here.
Lol, it does look a bit scary. Bless them they are so precious every time I hatch I become like a neurotic new mother again

Glad to hear the little ones doing well

Congratulations on your new babies by the way

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