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Feb 24, 2009
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Hello fellow BYCrs!

First time ever, I've got a fly problem! They are buzzing around everywhere, and this is my third summer. I've got fresh sand in my runs, and I go out once a day and "poop scoop". I've noticed alot of flies and I really do keep the poop down to a minimum. I've even seen them fly and land on my chicken's feathers. My flock is 11 in the big hen house, and 8 chicks in the A-frame coop. This really confuses me.

It's not stinky out there, so what's up with the flies?

What products do you use to control them?

Thank you,
DE seems to cut down on the flies around here. Some one even talked about the little tree air fresheners. Vanilla, I believe, is supposed to ward them off.
DE does work well for fly control however it won't eliminate them, I use DE and then place fly pheremone traps in the big coop and the flies are not a problem. Flies will allways make a huge reapperance after a heavy rain.
DE seems to work well around here, but not entirely by any means. I read a thread somewhere here (cant remember for the life of me which it was or the title, sorry) but it said something about some kind of sticky, NON-toxic fly board that the flies would stick to, and then the chickens would pick them off as a treat (yeah,
I know) but I guess it kept them ( the chickens) busy and helped keep flies down a bit.

I think its pretty much impossible to live fly-free though.

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