6 Years
May 1, 2016
South Dakota
I want to ask...what do y'all do for the flies in the duck house?? We clean it every day, replace their water every day. They are outside in the backyard all day, too. We leave the door to get in from the back yard open all day, but they rarely go in once they come out in the morning.
We have those fly strips right now, but they can't catch them all! I'm hesitant to spray anything anywhere at all.

Thanks for any ideas!

Go buy a fly trap called The Fly Magnet. Buy mine on Amazon. Purchase several refill packets.

Place it outside your pen. Someplace out of the way, where you won't be able to smell it, cuz it REEKS, which attracts the flies. I put mine about 10 feet away, behind the pen, where nobody walks.
In about 2 days your fly problem will be gone.

They go into the bottle and drown. The only down side is if you want to reuse the bottle (you should change it every 2 - 3 weeks), you'll have to dump out the disgusting dead fly mess.

I dump it into a zip lock bag, zip it up, and double garbage bag it to put out in the trash.

I only recommend this brand because I have used others but this worked best. Try to place it in a sunny spot where it can't get tipped over.

I don't have a problem with flies and I use the deep litter method. Maybe because my coop is super open, and very little smell.
I have car refresheners in the night pen part (the open part) and the shelter part has on car refresher at the doorway. Every so often when the little tiny bugs get bad, I strip clean (so say, every 2-6 months), in the morning. Then I spray with Off! (walls only). Then I leave it to air for 2 days- until no more Off! can be smelt, Then refill with shavings. Of course this is a vague spray and carefully thought out process to avoid killing my ducks. I still worry, and am going to try usig a non-toxic horse fly spray instead.
My pen is super open and is cleaned daily. No smell at all. But the flies DO find enough out there to make it worth a visit, apparently.

But since I've been using this fly magnet, they bypass my pen in favor of the far stinkier bait.
I'll look into that fly bait thing. I have used several types like that, also. I have a barn spray that does instant knockdown, but I can't use it around the ducks and more just come back later anyway!

Today, I just closed the door to the coop since the ducks don't go in there during the day and it seems to have helped. I don't have a big smell, but I'm sure it's cuz I clean daily.

I use fly predators and fly traps and Little Tree Vanillaroma hanging air fresheners. There are some flies especially on hot humid days but not too bad. I set the predators out near the outdoor pens and I have started setting some in a shallow dish inside the night pen (up where the ducks cannot get to it).

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