Flighty chicks


Apr 4, 2019
Miami Florida
Got a Speckle Sussex and a Silver Ameraucana last week. Once a day I like to take them out of the brooder and place them in a 20 inch high enclosure on the lawn. The problem is that they have flown out of it twice. Did not have that problem with Buff Orpington’s.
Are these two breeds flighty as chicks and is it a harbinger of adult problems which I should begin to work on, i.e., higher fences.
Yep, 20" won't keep much in. I clipped the wing feathers pretty short and some of my birds can still get over 48". You can do PVC pipe hoops and poultry netting and make a little covered run really cheap. A couple pieces of 5/4 and you can make it movable. If you go that route use electrical conduit rather than water pipe, it resists light so it lasts longer.
My main question is if these breeds are flighty, and if so, how high can they fly.

They usually gain about a foot a week while they're chicks. I had some day olds arrive Tuesday - and they were jumping up and down off their heating cave from the start. As adults the smaller they are, usually the better they can fly. I've got some that can "helicopter" almost 8 feet straight in the air if startled, so the key is covering your run with aviary net -- this is also an excellent thing to keep hawks from dive bombing your hens if properly installed.

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