Floating eggs, to eat or not to eat???


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May 11, 2015
So My chickens lay eggs and we collect them daily, But I have a friend who gave me 2 dozen because she had enough to spare and we were running low. I have always heard of the floating test and wondered, is this true so I started to emerge eggs into a bowl of water and see what would happen, well a total of 1 dozen floated and the others did fine some sat up a bit but otherwise they were ok. So now I wonder, maybe worry if these eggs can be used or should I trash them. It seems like such a waste but not looking to get anyone at home including myself sick.

Really need some advice.


If they float, they're bad.

If they sink they're good.

If they sort of sit on the bottom of the bowl, but tip up onto their ends they should be used ASAP.

Floating eggs = potential bombs! I wouldn't eat them....

- Krista
I am obviously in the tiny minority here, but here goes. I eat floater eggs all the time. My chickens are horrible for hiding their eggs (especially my marans for some reason) so sometimes I have less than perfect fresh eggs. I generally only use them for baking and such though and always crack each egg into a small bowl before I add it to everything else. But then I do that with all of my eggs. They aren't decomposing and creating gasses. Well, not exactly. The moisture is evaporating and creating a larger air cell. I almost never run onto an actual 'bad' egg.
I agree with the majority, toss those things. Like never running for a bus, there will be another along soon enough, the same goes for an egg, there will be another laid soon enough. We were short one egg for a recipe last week, but knew that there is always an afternoon egg laid, sure enough baking got done.

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