Floating House!


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5 Years
Jun 15, 2014
Queensland, Australia
How do you get your ducks to stay in there new floating house? I locked them in for 3 days but then I was worried it was getting too hot for them as the afternoon sun beats down on the house. I left a gap in the door way which I blocked off but I still worried it was too hot for them so I felt so bad I let them out. They stayed around the house and dam for most of the day then I caught two of them and locked them up again that night the third hung around all night. The next morning he was still there with them outside the house so I let the other two out. I turned around and he was gone straight back to the backyard where they use to live. I came back a couple of hours to check on the two left at the dam they to went back to the back yard aswell! I haven't been able to get them back to the dam since. Does anyone else have this problem? I have 9 ducks and 5 more babies that I haven't let free as yet and none of the adults go to the dam! Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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5 Years
Aug 13, 2014
have you tried giving them treats inside the house?

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