Floating test..


9 Years
Aug 10, 2010
Monroe New Jersey
I am on day 26 of my hatching experiment....from what I have been told here my temps may have been a bit to low.. I have a still air incubator and the temps were kept at 99.5.. so I have had the eggs in there a few extra days. I decided to look up the float test and see if I could figure out if these eggs are still alive or not....I have tried to candle them( they are welsummer eggs) but all I see is a really dark blob in each of them... so the information I found said that floating eggs are still viable but eggs that have 45% or more floating above the water are duds....if this information is correct then all of my eggs are still viable and will hatch.. they are all floating with only thier tips out of the water.... is this information true???
I have no idea??? but it will be interesting to find out , i thought that the floating test was to see if an eggs was still good and you could eat it? I would never have thought of putting an egg so close to hatching in a bowl of water I would have thought that it could possibly drown the baby chick but you learn something new everyday. Hope someone comes soon to tell us the answer to your question?

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