Floating waterfowl feed...confused!!


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Guilford County, NC
I've been giving my ducks chicken feed the entire time I've owned them (about 2.5 years). I just found out *this week* that our local farm store carries food specifically for ducks and geese! *facepalm*

When I got the bag home, I looked at the tag to see what all it has in it (yay niacin!), and it says it's floating food. Now I'm just completely at a loss. Should I put it in their pool or water tote, or can I feed it in the feeder like the chicken feed? I only have 2 ducks in a small enclosure, they have a mid-size kiddie pool for swimming and an under-bed storage tote for their drinking water...so I have no idea where to put it, how much to feed, etc. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I thought I was finally getting the hang of owning ducks, this completely threw me for a loop!
Just wanted to add, this is what I got: http://www.southernstates.com/catalog/p-9942-southern-states-18-waterfowl-feed-40lb.aspx

Does anyone have experience with this or something similar? I'm running out of their old food and I'm trying to figure out the best way to feed this, starting sometime in the next few days. Thanks!

Hey me again, I have no experience with this feed but I think mazuri makes floating waterfowl feed not sure though, anyway why not email the company where your feed is from and ask them I'd think it could be fed dry at least then it wouldn't get soggy before they finished it up.
Thanks, I didn't even think of that! I have my moments...

Anyway, I emailed and said that I could give adult ducks the food either in the feeder or float it in their water...just in case someone else has this question

Glad to be of help and I have senior moments so understand what your saying.
Hi, I'm experiencing the same dilemma. I'm new to ducks but started them on mazuri starter feed and at 10 weeks switched them to Mazuri Maintenance. This food is very expensive and getting ridiculously hard to find. My farm store carries Southern States waterfowl maintenance, at 1/4 the cost of Mazuri. I purchased a bag today and can find no mention of Niacin, so I'm wondering. Do 4 month old ducks still need niacin in their food? I live on a salt water bay so I give them 25- 40 minnows every day. Would the minnows provide enough niacin? I'm very confused about when or if their need for niacin diminishes.
Maybe supplement nutritional yeast in their food?

At 4 months I never did unless there was a problem that they needed it. But I feed Nutrena Nature Wise which has a high niacin content. Then I fed things higher in niacin a couple times a week. Like fish, greens plus they noodled around for tons of bugs and worms. In the winter I mixed in cat food.
Usually they need extra during injury or growing times. At 4 months old you should be ok so long as they are not showing any signs of defiecancy.
Cool, I'll feed the Southern States, and keep up with the minnows. Monitor their progress and see how it goes....they are very healthy and active at this point.

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