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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bigtrout, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Started raising ducks last year and have enjoyed it immensly...I currently have 7 pekins(3 hens and 4 drakes), 1 female mallard, and 7 khaki/khaki x welsh(1 drake and 6 hens). I have the space...run space...housing...pond( self cleaning by being spring fed). I do not plan on freezer camping any ducks...i am raising them for eggs...
    I can not keep up with egg demand...once people try them, i have another person hooked, so i want to add to my flock. I have adequate space to add another ten ducks to my flock. I have eight good layers between the pekins and the khakis, but want to double egg production.

    I was thinking of adding ten welsh harlequins getting them sexed from metzers. I would get one drake and nine hens...in the future i plan on the khakis and welshes to be self sustaining if i have any losses. Yes i know the pekin boys could throw a monkey in that plan but my pekins have actually laid as good as the khakis. Is this a good plan, or should i try another breed...hedge my bets and get half welsh and half golden 300's?

    Opinions please!
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    I think your plan sounds great! [​IMG]

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