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I bought one of these today at the feed store... going away for four days.. My neighbor is going to make sure they are okay and that their water is clean.. anyone had any experience with the flock block before?
Ours didn't get introduced to these until they were two yr.s. old (stuck in their ways) and just ignored it until we cut some grooves in it with a paint scraper (tasty bits hanging off). Just make sure they have plenty of regular feed as well.
mine are ignoring it too.. except to perch on top of it. They aren't interested.. it's a good idea.. it just isn't winning them over.

it's about 10 inches by 10 inches of compressed feed and grit.

I am going to the feed store now to get more regular food.
I just built feeders that hold three or four days worth of food, it's easier for everyday use too. In the coops with enough floor space I take a five-gallon bucket and a BIG flower pot saucer, drill holes (at least an inch in diameter, a little bigger is better) around the sides along the bottom, and fill'er up. A full bucket will feed my sixteen LF birds three days or longer, even if they aren't allowed out to free range those days (I never have people free range my chickens while I'm out of town, only the geese and ducks.)

I have 3" pipe feeders in my 'condo' coop, and a four-foot length will feed my five bantams for about three or four days too. I can't get flock block here, though so you make do.
I have one in with my 12 weekers but I don't think it's compressed feed, more like compressed scratch? It has some oyster shell in it as well, but that's the only place my kids are getting that from (they are separated from the hens) so I am not tooo worried about the calcium. I have them inside still (but it's a large coop) so I put this in as part of the entertainment. I would just leave plenty of their regular feed available while you are gone or have the neighbor top it off. You can leave this in as well, but I wouldn't count on it exclusively.... mine do seem to enjoy it though! Today I threw in some weeds I picked (with roots) and some decomposed granite for grit mixed with some dried peas... yummy!
Patty N. ;-)
I keep one in my run at all times for my girls. They love it! It serves as a great entertainment piece, but is not meant for nutritional purposes. There really isn't much nutritional value to the blocks at all.

As long as your neighbor keeps the chickens fed with their normal feed and watered and they have the flock block for picking at, they should be fine.
i have put a stainless steel feeder in the run.. my neighbor is just going to fill that with feed. Im not a big fan of this block and i probably ownt buy it again.
I had 2 friends bring my birds flock blocks and they LOVE them. Hardly anything left of them. I think they just need to get used to it. I put them on cinder blocks in the coop and it keeps them busy in the morning.........they are up a little earlier than i am

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