Flock bonding issues


5 Years
Sep 19, 2014
We have a problem with our call duck drake. He was raised for the first 3 months with the indian runners and ancona. About 6 weeks ago we introduced two little call duck girlfriends to him and set them up in their own yard with a nice pool and all. Our little drake just pines away for the big flock who are about 25 yards away and he refuses to swim (he used to love the water). He just paces along the fence. The two little girls used to follow him, but now have started attacking him. He is scared of them. We removed the more aggressive female and now the less aggressive one just follows the drake around. When we tried to reintroduce the more aggressive one, the less aggressive one suddenly started attacking the drake. Should we put them all back with the big flock? If we do, will the call drake just pine away again when we divide everyone up for mating season or will his mating instincts take over? We just don't know what to do.
Aww, they can break our hearts.

I would just say take a deep breath, and try some things. Maybe they will all be happier in one flock, and once that settles the anxiety, then separating for breeding won't be so traumatic.

Is it spring or fall where you are? If fall, it may take some months for hormone levels to rise to where having their own little place is what the calls want.
It is fall here. We live in western Tennessee. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe we'll just have to give it more time.
Yah my cayugas do that to Ducktor *-*. Solvig is the less dominate but will definitely back up E'aster or even act as her guard against the new ducks.

Just have to give some time and see what happens. Did you want him just to mate with the other calls? If you put them back into the large group there's no say he wont mate with them...

Also even if his mating instinct kicks in and if the hen doesn't want to she will stand her ground. E'aster is my dominate duck and she lets all know it! All hail E'aster 030!

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