Flock deteriorating - Need Deworming Advice

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    So my flock eats as much as they want, have new fresh water every day. I have some ducks and chickens but my chickens have loose stools and are skinny. Does anyone have a good suggestion on deworming and doses to do so? I am very interested. I have access to most if not all medications that can be used for deworming purposes just need a practical way to deworm many birds. My chickens are having respiratory symptoms as well - chemotic and runny eyes, heavy breathing. I have not lost any due to the respiratory issues but have lost a couple for no apparent reason - I'm thinking parasites. Any help would be appreciated.
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    look up dawg 53 he can give you some really good advice.
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    Quote:I responded to your PM to me regarding worming.
    For your respiratory problems, I recommend that you purchase denagard from QC Supply. There isnt any resistance to it nor withdrawal period. Dosage is 16cc per gallon of water for 3 days as a treatment dose. Preventative dose is 8cc per gallon of water 3 days a month. Here's a link for you to read:
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