Flock dieing "one by one"

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    A couple days ago I had a hen die. Her symtoms were runnynose, sneezing, coughing (like she had mucus in her throat) and a droopy appearence; Two other hens have started with the same symptoms. I started treating the whole flock with duramycin antibiotic. Any thoughts on what it is or if Im treating it right?
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    Have no idea. I'm so sorry.

    How old was she?

    I searched those symptoms but I don't know if this is what your hen had. Here's what the search came up with:

    Infectious Bronchitis:
    Symptoms: Coughing; sneezing; watery discharge from nose and eyes; hens stop laying.

    How contracted: Viral disease; highly contagious; spreads through air, contact, and contaminated surfaces.
    Treatment: Supportive care; 50 percent mortality in chicks under 6 weeks.
    Vaccine available: Yes. Give to hens before 15 weeks of age because vaccination will cause laying to stop.

    Mycoplasmosis/CRD/Air Sac Disease:
    Mild form — weakness and poor laying. Acute form — breathing problems, coughing, sneezing, swollen infected joints, death
    How contracted: Mycoplasma disease; contracted through other birds (wild birds carry it); can transmit through egg to chick from infected hen.
    Treatment: Antibiotics may save birds — see a vet.
    Vaccine available: Yes.

    Chicks are inactive, may have white diarrhea with pasted rear ends, breathing difficulty, or die without symptoms. Older birds — coughing, sneezing, poor laying.
    How contracted: Viral disease; contracted through carrier birds and contaminated surfaces, clothing, and shoes.
    Treatment: Destroy all infected birds — birds that recover are carriers. Most chicks infected will die.
    Vaccine available: No vaccine, but there is a blood test to find carriers. While the U.S. is trying to eradicate this disease, buy chickens from Pullorum-negative flocks only.
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    If she has Mycoplasmosis sounds like you're on the right track with duramycin. Let us know how it goes.
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    There are many diseases that can cause this. There may be several things going on at once in your chickens as well. One specific type of treatment may not be enough. I recommend that you have a necropsy performed so you'll know what you're dealing with, then treat or cull accordingly. Contact you county extension agent or state agriculture department...they might perform a free necropsy for you or for a small fee. Sorry you're going through this.
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    "Just Dawn" I do believe it is CRD, because it seems to be killing them slowly and the symptoms agree.

    "Dawg 3" Im going to check into this necropsy thing.

    All great advice, thanks! Glad to be part of the backyard crew.
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    I hope you can stop it. Good luck....
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    So far its been 9 days and the antibiotic seems to be working. Well...At least I mean they are not doing any worse. Im going to finish out the fourteen day treatment and will post another update on this in a week or so.
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    Please see my signature line for a link about worming. I thought my hens had a respiratory infection when it was overwhelming parasites that weakened them for other issues.
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    Nice! Didnt even think about de-worming the chickens. I dont feel like that would hurt anything at all. I will do it as well. Thanks!
  10. greenchickenman

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    Well chickens are happy. All of the sneezing, coughing (with raspy noises), runny noses and greasy looking feathers is gone. They are laying more now than they ever were before. Thanks for all the advice. The anti-biotic and deworming seemed to do the trick. I feel like I am the "chicken whisperer"!

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