Flock doesnt like their new digs....


12 Years
Jun 18, 2008
We had a predator problem so we had to build a 20' by 20' by 4' run. The chickens HATE it and pace around and squack all day. They even stopped laying eggs! I use to get anywhere from 9-15 eggs a day and now i only get 5-6 eggs a day ever sence they had to go in this run. I do try and let them out to free range at least 3 times a week but i guess that just isnt good enough for them. Should i just chance it and let them out or is there something i can do? We do have another 20' by 10' run but it has the chicks in it right now but will adventually be apart of the run.
Please help!
I just put a few of my standard size cochins in their breeding pen and they pased and complained for almost a week straight before they settled in. I did break down and let them out today to free range for a while(just that one breeding group) seperately ...don't want to mess up my fert. egg selling plans!
They'll get over it. Some birds will settle in faster than others, just like people.
Every once in awhile, my DH talks about fencing my birds in. I'm totally against it. Free ranging is all they've ever known. If I were to start keeping them in pens, it would have to be with a different set of birds than I have now.
It's normal for chickens to stop laying for a period when they are introduced to new surroundings. They don't feel safe there until they finally figure out that it's home. Then they'll start laying better again.
You don't say how long this has been. Give them time. If the pred got in the coop change something around. Move the nest boxes if possible, completely remove all the old bedding and rearrange the feeders. I a run but let them out when I'm home all day. I don't like to leave them out when I'm not there.

All the best


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