Flock in chaos

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    Aug 6, 2011
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    Flock in chaos

    My hobby-flock consists of five runner females, one male runner- and then two female Rouens all the same age and raised together. At three and some odd months they are undergoing puberty- understandable.

    The male runner and one female rouen are sort of pair although he has breed most of the females so far that i can tell.

    The problem: I have a trouble maker. One female runners is inciting around the female rouen who is paired with the male...
    Trouble-maker sometimes gets two other females all riled up and they all start at squawking and bobbing their heads around the mated rouen. The female rouen ignores or walks off- the male toddles after her in a panic as do the other three nice females. The whole flock gets riled and there is constant agitation- chaos and they are driving me nuts.

    My thoughts were to find a home for the trouble maker or to get another male? Any thoughts- on what is going on with these ducks and how i might balance out the flock would be greatly appreciated.
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    your one male is enough. I think things will settle down with the girls. They might be jealous. lol. Try distracting them with frozen peas treats?

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