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10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
The Chick Chart-
Everything that has to do with your chickens!

Contains the following:
•Fowl Records
^Chicken Pedigrees
^Chicken Show Records, for you show junkies!
^Chicken Sale Information
^Chicken Sell Sheets (keep track of your inventory for sale!)
^Breeding Pen Management; choose each bird, put them in a pen, and keep track of the offspring!
^Pictures of your Chickens (Never lose one again!)
•Incubation and Brooding Support
^Keep track of when you put them in the bator, when the turning stops, and all the other stuff you have written on a sticky note on your incubator!
^Brooding control lets you record mortality for better records/egg care
•Expenses and Income
^Lets you know your bottom line, which is your above-zero or below-zero number that some may not want to look at!
^Lets you add an expense, then an income with categories, and immediately see what this does to your overall quarterly statement!
•Egg Production
^Keep track of your main money-maker, the egg! Set a date, and review all your records so you can see what may affect them!
•Address Book
^Keep track of your 'Chicken Peeps!'
•Letter Writer
^Create high-quality letters to your potential buyers, or just say hello to an old friend!
•Personalized Reports!
^Everything above is printable, so you can print a pedigree with your name, address and contact information allready printed upon it! No more handwriting!
^You specify your contact details in the Configuration tab, and you never have to enter them again!

Here is what is new in the new version:
Improvements to be made with new update:
· Feed Section

o Go over feed purchases, integrate with expenses

o Feed Reviews (Which brand best for show… meat… etc.)

o Best places to buy

o Maybe add web browser to view TSC prices and such

· Improve Reports

o Have all reports automatically go to .TXT document you can save, or RTF.

· Calendar

o Track bird ages

o Button in the Fowl Records that you push a button and it adds it’s birthday to a calendar

· Sell List

o Every time someone presses the ‘For Sale’ button, a box pops up and adds to a new database

o Order Tracking (See if it’s completed or not)

· Inventory List

o Everything you own related to chicken keeping

· NPIP Wizard

o Tells you if you can be licensed for NPIP and the requirements

· Medical Section

o Keep track of all medicines and their uses in a database

o Common issues in a guide

· Shop Section

o Make web browser with links and things to a webstore

And many more features!

Here are some screenshots:

Quickly view updates!
Sell anything on your farm!
Easy integration into fowl records!
Track your heritage!!
Manage each breeding pen!
Our homescreen!
Manage all the fine details of incubation (Automatic date calculating!)
Track all expenses/income associated with your farm!
Our main screen!
Sort all your birds and view master lists!
Track your egg production!
Track each litter of birds as they grow!
All your fowl management options!

A nice review by one of our users:

I ordered the basic program, through the Members discount, that was offered earlier this past year.
I have been using the program since Jan. 01/10..

I'm not a computer expert, or an accountant, just an old guy that raises too many Chickens, the ease of operating, the excellent support offered by Andrew have made my record keeping a couple of minute a day task. No more notes, jotted in a journal or on a scrap of paper, everything that I need to know is presented to me in an easy to read and update format.

It was worth the price, just for the pedigree tracking!
Keeping track of each chicks bloodline, which Rooster x Hen produced my better chicks, which Roosters may not be up to fertility job, all there in an easy to follow and edit. It even has an address book feature that I can use to keep track of where my chicks are or where I got some good birds from.

WELL worth the $!
Thank-you for making this, easy to use, easy to understand, from an older, not really computer literate Chicken owner!


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And this is the old version! The new one is even BETTER!

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