Flock Planning how many eggs on average

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    Ok I know this can be very subjective but considering an average chicken like an EE, BO or BA (I am trying ot learn your abv lingo) when they are a year old about how many eggs per day can you expect from a flock of say 10 hens?

    How many about during the winter?

    What time of day do most hens lay? WHen I was a kid we use to collect in the evening before closing up...is that the best time?

    When they get older and productions drops what do you think the daily number of eggs will be? I do not want to plan for too many chickens and be overloaded with eggs. I keep seeing these cool breeds and going oooh I want one of those too. Yikes too many chicken dreams. [​IMG]

    thanks again for the info for this newbie.

    Barb [​IMG]
  2. kstaven

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    Jan 26, 2007
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    From the breeds listed I would average 6-7 a day in warm weather and possibly down to 4 in the coldest weather.

    Mine pretty well all lay before noon.
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    my girls that are laying so far (only 4 of them) all lay late in the afternoon and we are getting 3-4/day from the 4 that have started laying. We have 17 layers all together and a bunch more coming in the way of eggs and chicks this week.

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