Flock with few feathers


In the Brooder
Mar 9, 2015
south west Nebraska
I got these birds from a breeder. Most of the feathers are gone on the undersides heads and bottom. Not sure what conditions they were kept in. They seem to be free of parasites. Very friendly but very skinny. My question is what should I be feeding them and anything special I should do to make them look healthy again. I have no pick on the worst areas where they are bare. I changed to chick grower feed. They are always at the feeder. The one that is the worst barest seemed to have a raspy breathing problem but I gave her some vet rx and it seems better. None act sick. She has been getting some scrambled eggs and chopped beef too. She loves it. I was told they were about a year old and are a mix of cochins frizzles, silkies and sumatras. I know they were kept with lots of rooster. could this be the problem with the feathers. Anything else I should do for these birds. Thanks for any input.

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