flocks not integrating


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Hey all, I could really use some help!! About a month ago I introduced a pair of salmon faverolles chicks to my main flock (that consists of 6 hens, 1 roo) they are about 6 Weeks younger in age than the main flock but were comparable in size to my lakenvelder and Cochin hens. There was bullying of course and that has decreased to a minimum (still happening a bit) but my main concern is that during the day when they are let out to free range, the flock goes one way and the 2 SFs go another. Shouldnt they be integrated by now??
Are they laying yet? I find that my pullets don't really integrate into the flock until they are laying eggs regularly.

Also, when I introduce pullets they do make their own little flock, and stay that way for quite a while. I introduced 22 new pullets and a cockerel eight weeks ago, and they still sleep in a different part of the hen house and make their own way during the day. I expect that by spring, I won't be able to see any separation in the two flocks, but that the integration will be very gradual and over several months.

As long as they are not being bullied too badly, they are probably OK.
No they arent laying yet, hopefully within the next week or two!! That is good to know though, reckon ill stop worrying so much =) thankyou very much for your help!

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