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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Wisher1000, May 11, 2011.

  1. Wisher1000

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    I have a seven month old White Crested Polish roo that is a few bricks shy of a load. My son believes he acts strangly because his head feathers block his eyes and he can't see well, I'm not so sure! Today, as I was walking to the coop to feed, he flogged me on the back of my leg. It didn't hurt and left no mark but it was definately intentional. He is nasty to the pullets and guineas. He is nasty at breeding time. He runs full speed to the scene when the EE roo (same age) mounts a hen and either pecks her on the back of the head, repeatedly, as hard as he can or actually mounts the roo that is on the hen's back. The EE roo tolerates the behavior for some reason. Some of the time, the WCP roo nudges the EE roo off the hen and breeds her himself. He is not the dominant roo, the EE is. NONE of the hens will submit to him alone. He is a juvenile delinquent! I have never sent a bird of mine to freezer camp but am thinking of being shed of this guy! I hate to give him away, although he is beautiful, since he is such a pill! I picked him up and held him upside down for a while then on my lap on his back for half an hour. I could put him up in a small pen for a timeout if that would help. Any advise for rehabilitating a juvenile delinquent rooster?
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    Quote:no advice but if I was you I would only try rehab for a week or two and if that dosen't work time to find a new place for him like in your belly [​IMG]
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    I bet he would be sour tasting! [​IMG] Seriously, I couldn't eat him, but I may can find someone who would....
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    Our roo did the same thing to me yesterday. I had been holding our broody and he came right up and jumped at me. He got me in the leg and there is a little bruise, but nothing serious. After I put the broody down he went after me again. I hate to say but I pushed him as hard as I could and he got quite a shock as he hit the back of the coop. I stood my ground and he backed out of the coop first. Today I went out and tested him. First I went in and just walked around. Whenever he got close, I would stomp around and run at him, if he did not move I would gently push him away with me foot. Later, I went into the run and caused a ruckus trying to grab on of the ducks that he thinks are his. There was a lot of flapping and quaking and our roo puffed up and ran right over, but he stay at least 2 feet away from me. I'm thinking I showed him who is boss.
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    Freezer camp!
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    Personally I would just wait it out. He is full of hormones at this age and I'm sure he'd grow out of it. I have a BR roo who liked to challenge me when he first came into his hormones. Now, at 18 months old, he won't move out of my way when I'm feeding but he also doesn't try to attack me.

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