12 Years
Oct 1, 2007
Medina, OH
Hi all,

The combination of a big snow storm on Friday and a huge rain storm has left us flooded. It's supposed to drop to the 30's throughout the day and into the 20's tonight.

The hen house has a combo of hay/pine shavings on the cement floor. When you step on it, it is squishy. Aside from shoveling out all of the bedding, is there anything else anyone can suggest to do a quick dry on the room?

Maybe someone else will come up with something else but i think you are going to have to shovel. Sorry....

Maybe put a tarp over the hen house to keep any more water from getting in?
Pallets on the floor would help, I would think. When this happened to me I laid old boards around for them to walk on, and dug a drainage ditch. I don't usually use that coop any more.
Stall Dry helps soak up some of the moisture. It's a form of pelletized DE that works really well to combat excess moisture and stink. I think I might still shovel out the majority of the water first before using the Stall Dry. It's pretty good, but can't work miracles. I also use pallets around the poultry yards to keep my princesses' feet dry. They hate getting wet, muddy feet in the spring. The pallets are incredibly handy for a variety of applications, but get most of their use by keeping the girls dry.

Good luck.

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