Flooded chicken yard!


7 Years
May 30, 2012
We were hit with torrential rains today - seven inches of water over the course of just a few hours. My chicken yard (and the rest of the property!) is completely flooded and my hens are soaked! I managed to get them into the coop, but they are wet and cranky. I'm hoping the water will recede by tomorrow afternoon, and then I can repair the yard. Will my hens be ok overnight? There are five of them and the coop is relatively dry, but I don't have anywhere else to put them. Thanks for any feedback you can give me - I worry about my girls!
that's difficult. maybe use one or two bales of hay & break one open but leave in a pile. this could give them some high ground & something to occupy them while things dry out some?
Is it cold or just wet? it rains here but is still 90 degrees, so if they are wet and cold, try to give them a dry area to perch for the night, they will be o.k. if in dry place now, but if cold, you need to dry them as best as you can.
We're lucky that it is warm here - 80s in the daytime, low 70s/upper 60s at night. We did have some dry straw in their box and they could get on their perch. There was no way to get a lamp to them, though. We have to run an extension cord until we can get electricity to the area, and it was simply too wet to try that. Thanks for everyone's suggestions! Their yard is still soaked and still has places of standing water, but the girls made it through the night and are able to get out into some dry parts to stretch their wings. What a mess - and this was only a tropical storm!

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