Floor for tractor?


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
I'll be getting my first chicks soon and putting them into a tractor when big enough. I live in an area with skunks, raccoons and foxes and worry about something digging under the side of a floorless tractor. Is this something I should worry about, and if so, is there any problem with building my tractor with a chicken wire floor?
As long as they have a closed house for nighttime a 12 inch apron of welded wire/hardware cloth around the exterior perimeter of your tractor should be a sufficient deterrent for digging predators. You can stake it to the ground with tent pegs. I have a tractor with that set-up and have never had anything try to dig under. My birds are locked in their coop area at night. Inside their coop is floored with linoleum covered in shavings.

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