Floor layer question?


12 Years
Jan 4, 2008
vancouver island
Three of my birds are now laying. Two are using the nest boxes, but for some reason one is laying on the floor.

1. Will this bird self adapt to using a nest box eventually, or do I need to place it in the nest to give it the idea?

2. They all seem to lay around the same time of the day, sometimes all within 10-15 minutes of each other. Could it be that the two nest boxes are busy, so the floor layer has no choice? I thought they might wait their turn at the nest.

3. Should I place a box on the floor, and just accept the fact that this one bird doesn't want to climb up to the boxes?

I sure hope they all get the idea to use the nests, as I don't want eggs disappearing under the floor litter, to get wasted, or stepped on.
I have the same issue with one of my girls, two lay in the boxes and she lays on the floor. She was the first to start laying and has laid every single egg on the floor except for one. She checks out the nest boxes first, scratches around forever and then when it's almost too late she makes a quick nest on the floor. I don't know how to fix it either. I just hope that over time she will get it right. It could be that the box is too small and she doesn't feel comfortable...otherwise I dont know. Good luck though!!
It seems that the floor layer may have used a nest finally, either that or one of the other birds started to lay. I still got three eggs Saturday, all in the nest this time.
Sounds like your problem is solved.... but if not here's what we did when one of our girls insisted on using the floor when she started laying:

1) Put a big obstacle in her chosen spot (I used a bucket upside down)

2) Put a fake egg in the nest box and put her in there to see it.

3) Put her in the nest box a couple times a day.

4) If you see her fussing around, crying, generally acting like she needs to lay, put her in the nest box.

This solved our problem in a couple days. Good luck!

I'll see what develops over the next week or so. The others may begin to start to lay as well, so I hope they don't follow the floor layers lead. If the problem occurs again, I will use some of the suggestions. Thanks for the ideas!
I have a cat litter bucket that I use as a nest box, I moved it into the place mine kept laying on the floor, and that did the trick. Little by little I moved the nest box over by the others, I hope she starts laying in one of the bigger nests soon but as long as they are in the clean nests, and not the floor of the coop I am happy. Good Luck, she'll get it eventually.

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