Floor surface issues


8 Years
Mar 30, 2012
Canada - Garden Zone 3
Does it matter that the floor surface of my coop is now divided up and at somewhat different heights?

Our renovated rabbit hutch had a wire floor. Hubby put plexiglass over that -- its so easy to clean! -- and cut a 12" sq hole in the floor with a ladder to the run underneath. The issue is that the floor was slippery and the birds kept pulling all of their bedding into the run. (Which is now turning into very nice compost, I suspect. LOL Cleanup this weekend will show me what's up down there.)

I rigged a lip of wood around the hole and discovered the birds stopped going down to the run; the lip was too high, maybe.

So last night I removed the lip and tried a temporary fix, instead. I've arranged three different boot trays/upside down tote lids on the floor of the coop. One is under the perch with pine pellets in it, so its like a poop tray. Another is under the food and I've left it empty of bedding so that spilled feed can be easily pecked up. The third is simply on the floor and filled with bedding, its edge keeps bedding from getting pushed down the hole.

The girls do seem to be maneuvering ok. I wonder if I should leave the floor like this or just make a shorter, permanent wood lip for around the hole.
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